6 Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

6 Ways To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

We all have one thing in common:


We want cheaper car insurance! 


You can always lower your premium by lowering or removing coverages you have on your policy, but this can reduce its effectiveness. So how can you reduce your insurance premium without sacrificing protection?


Here are 6 ways you can get Cheaper Car Insurance


1. Have a CLEAN Driving Record. 


This means no tickets, no DUIs, no accidents. Anyone of those can dramatically increase your insurance premium. Insurance companies love clean driving records and will reward those who have them accordingly. 


2. Multi-Policy Discount


This is a really easy way to get a good deal on both your auto insurance and your homeowners or renters policy. Always try to put them with the same insurance company. This is a good way to knock off a few bucks. 


3. Credit Score


This is becoming a bigger factor in the insurance market. Insurance companies have been able to show a strong correlation between good credit scores and safe driving and responsibility. When they run a quote, most companies will pull a credit report, (it is a soft hit so it doesn’t affect your credit). The better the credit, the better the premium.


4. Type of Car 


This is something that is not often thought of when buying a new car. Insurance companies love to comb through data and look at trends. If there is a certain type of car that tends to have more accidents or more severe accidents, then they are obviously going to be more expensive to insure. Here is a link to some of the cheaper vehicles to insure.


5. Where you Live


This isn’t perhaps something that you can just change on a whim, but it is something that affects your insurance premium. Rates can vary from parts of town to counties to states. Everything from theft rates, accident rates, and state laws can affect your insurance premium.


6. Tracking


This is a new way that you can potentially get some savings on your insurance. Insurance companies offer to track your driving and depending on the data they collect from you, it can give you a decent discount. There are two ways that this can be done.


  • One is the insurance company will send you a small device that you can plug into your vehicle and it will track the way you drive using the vehicles sensors.


  • The other way is to download the insurance company’s app and use your smartphone to gather the data. 


So go out there and take control of how much you are paying in insurance premiums. 


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