Earthquake Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Earthquake Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Does my homeowner's policy cover earthquakes?

An unendorsed homeowners policy does not cover damage done by earthquakes. Some policies can be endorsed to cover damage by earthquakes. Speaking with a licensed agent can help you determine if your policy covers damage by earthquakes.


Does my Commercial Property Insurance Policy cover Earthquakes?

Much like the Homeowner's policy, an unendorsed Commercial Property Insurance Policy will generally not have coverage for earthquakes. It can be endorsed on with some companies or it must be written on a separate policy.


Is Earthquake Insurance expensive?

The cost of earthquake insurance depends on where the property is located. Insurance companies will determine the cost based on the value of the property and the likelihood of there being an earthquake.


How do you buy Earthquake Insurance?

Most Independent Insurance Agencies sell Earthquake Insurance. Checking with the company who writes your property insurance is a good first step. You can also purchase a stand-alone policy that may give you broader coverage. 


When to buy Earthquake Insurance?

Earthquake insurance, like all insurance, has to be bought and be in place before the earthquake occurs. Often when an earthquake occurs insurance companies will place a moratorium on writing new policies for a certain number of days after. 


As with most insurance, a licensed agent can help you understand how the insurance coverage will apply to your unique circumstances.


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