What is Personal Liability on a Homeowners Policy?

What is Personal Liability on a Homeowners Policy?

Personal Liability Coverage………………………………….What is it?


One of the least understood coverages in insurance is the Personal Liability Coverage on a Homeowners or Renters policy. 


One common misunderstanding is that it just protects against a lawsuit from someone getting hurt on your property. 


It can do that, but it is also can be much broader.


It can cover occurrences both at the residence and also away from the home. Both for bodily injury to another person or property damage and legal expenses. 


I had an instance where because of my poor golfing, I damaged a table of someone who lived on the course. The owner demanded that because the table was part of a set that I replace the whole set. My homeowners' insurance came to my defense because of this liability section in the policy.


Another Instance would be if someone was out skiing and they ran into another person and injured them. There would be medical payments that need to be paid and potentially a lawsuit which would include legal expenses.


These are examples of things that could be covered. 


Each Insurance Company is going to have slightly different coverage and restrictions that you will want to have your agent review with you. 


Do you have the coverage? How much does it cover?


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